Directed by Dana Palladino. Ass't Director Domin Pazo
Stage Manager Michael Baugh

An original takeoff on "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" titled "The Magic Token" is a modern girl's adventures with Alice in Wonderland about a girl from our time who travels back to 1862 and accompanies her. A paperback juvenile novel of the work was launched in the Tampa Bay Area simultaneously. All proceeds from the show and the sale of the book went to Stage Door Community Theater.

PERFORMANCES: January 21, 22, & 29 (evenings - 7:30 PM). Sunday Jan 30 at 3:00 PM


TICKETS: Adults $12.00, Seniors (55-up)/students $10.00, children 4 and under FREE: Available through CENTER PLACE, Brandon or call 813-213-8783 and leave a number where we can call you back after 6:00 PM. Group Rates Available.


     It's Walt Disney meets H. G. Wells' Time Machine when Emma Thomas' best friend loses the silver dollar that Emma loaned her for a seventh grade school project. Dana offer's her twelve-year-old friend a replica of a magic token once owned by Charles Dickens. Reluctantly taking it, Emma scoffs at the claims on the magic token package that the famous 19th century author used it to time travel for his book research.

     During an argument with her younger brother, Emma accidentally wishes herself back to 1862 and joins Alice in Wonderland. Along their journey Emma trades insults with the pipe-smoking Caterpillar and the grinning Cheshire Cat, disrupts the Queen of Heart's croquet match, stirs the Mad Hatter's tea party into an even madder, madcap, madhouse, and plays defense attorney to try to stop the Queen of Hearts from chopping off Alice's head.

     Having lost the magic token somewhere in Wonderland, can Emma escape, or is she trapped in Alice's mad, mad, mad, upside-down world forever?


EMMA THOMAS: Alexis Cooper (spoonerized: Calexis Ooper)
DANA BANKS: Elizabeth Flens (spoonerized: Flelizabeth Jens)
ALICE LIDDELL: Kristen Flanagan (spoonerized: Flisten Kranagan)
ALICE'S SISTER: Sherena Stone (spoonerized: Sterena Shone)
ROY THOMAS: Tyler Dowdy (spoonerized: Dyler Towdy)
WHITE RABBIT: Jenna Flens(spoonerized: Flenna Jens)
CATERPILLAR: Austin Dowdy (spoonerized: Daustin Owdy)
CHESHIRE CAT: TJ Humphrey (spoonerized: Hejay Tumphrey)
MAD HATTER: Austin Dowdy
MARCH HARE: Jenna Flens
DORMOUSE: Megan Poole (spoonerized: Pegan Moole)
SUSAN THE DODO: Alyna Baker (spoonerized: Balyna Aker)
CHARLENE THE COW: Elizabeth Flens
TERRY THE CHICKEN: Daniel Germann (spoonerized: Ganiel Dermann)
QUEEN OF HEARTS: Sherena Stone
NINE OF CLUBS: Jordan Spriggs (spoonerized: Spordan Jiggs)
FLAMINGO 1: Megan Poole
FLAMINGO 2: Callista Grabel (spoonerized: Gallista Crabel)
HEDGEHOG: Ben Humphrey (spoonerized: Hen Bumphrey)


Left to Right:Alexis Cooper (Emma), Dana Palladino (Lewis Carroll), Austin Dowdy (Hatter),
Sherena Stone (Alice's Sister), Jenna Flens (March Hare), and in front: Megan Poole (Dormouse).

Austin Dowdy as the Mad Hatter

Jenna Flens as the March Hare

Megan Poole as the Dormouse.


Emma scolds her best friend for losing her silver dollar.
Dana gives her a coin once owned by Charles Dickens (The Magic Token).

In arguing with her brother, Emma wishes to be at Alice's rabbit hole.

Flung off to Wonderland, Emma meets Alice's sister searching for Alice.

Emma catches up to Alice.

Emma lectures the animals after they all swim out of Alice's ocean of tears.

Emma gets rid of the animals by tricking them into wishing to stand before
the great and powerful Wizard of Oz ... and they are whisked away.

Emma and Alice happen upon the Caterpillar

They play a few rounds battling words and the Caterpillar finally
gets fed up and leaves.

Next, the Cheshire cat jumps out at the girls.

The Cheshire cat taunts them with several plays on words.

Running across the Mad Hatter and the March Hare, the girls stop for a tea party.

The two wacky Wonderland characters taunt Alice, while Emma's drink has been spiked.

The Dormouse keeps chiming in interrupting the party.

The tea party gets dull, and the Mad Hatter livens it up.
Alice is finally offended and leaves with a very drunk Emma.

The Queen of Hearts about to start her crooked croquet match.

Emma interrupts the crazy croquet match and challenges the Queen.

The Queen loans Emma a nice dress for the trail against the Knave of Hearts.

The jurors taking notes on the trial.

The Queen disturbed at how the trial is going, now that Alice is the accused.

Alice is whisked out of her dream by her sister. Emma is nearby watching.

After Alice and Emma say goodbye, the White Rabbit shows up.

Emma sees the error of her ways and makes up with her best friend.

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